Our Guarantee To You

Our goal with each cash offer is to provide professional service and give you a fast and simple sale. Our guarantee is that we will give you the best fair price for your house.

You probably know about the traditional house selling process: selecting an agent, putting up a For Sale yard sign, some public online listings, and holding open house events and Realtor showings.

With the traditional selling process, if your house has any major needs such as repairs or improvements, it’s likely that your house will be on the market for months or lenders of possible buyers may not approve their loans.

Advantages of Selling to We Buy Houses In Florida Fast

So what is the advantage of our fair offer compared to one you’d get via the “traditional” home sale process? Selling to us means:

  • Fast and Free Cash Offers
  • Selling without making any repairs
  • No real estate agent commissions
  • No waiting for lenders or banks to approve your sale
  • No open house events or showings
  • No online listings
  • Closing is fast and simple
  • Professional treatment with fair offers

It’s in our best interest and yours for us to provide the highest price possible for your house. That way you get the most money for your house and we have the opportunity to help you.

So what is considered a Fair Cash Offer?

We Buy Houses In Florida Fast makes creative cash offers that work for both you (the seller) and our company. The value that you receive from us is 1) a quick closing, 2) no closing costs, 3) no mortgage approvals, and 4) buying “as-is”.

If our offer doesn’t make sense for you, we can still provide assistance by options for selling your house.

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